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Moderate Accommodations in Salvador 

The following our our recommended list of moderately priced accommodations in Salvador. To see them by location take a look at our interactive Accommodations Map

Pousada Des Arts 

Located in the historic city centre, Pousada Des Arts offers homely comfort in a very well preserved 18th Century house. All the suites have balconies with hammocks, so you can unwind whilst watching the sun setting over the bay. The owners have a passion for art and culture which is obvious from the attention to detail of the decor. Details & Reservations

                                                                                                                              Hotel Villa Santo Antonio

This is another great example of a renovated 19th century house. It is located in amongst the cobble stone streets of the ancient city centre, with baroque architecture all around. The suites all have balconies overlooking the bay. Details & Reservations

                                                                                                  Hotel Vila Gale 

Located right on Ondina beach the Hotel Vila Gale offer the perfect accommodation for serious sun seekers. This is a large contemporary hotel offering various room styles. There is an on site gym, restaurant, children's play area and an outdoor swimming pool. Details & Reservations


                                                                                                 Hotel Solar dos Deuses

Almost adjacent to the amazing church of Saint Francis, the most famous and lavish baroque church in Salvador, Hotel Solar dos Deuses has a fabulous location. The rooms are neat and tidy and the food served is typically Bahian. Details & Reservations

                                                                                                   Casa das Portas Velha

'The house of old doors' or Casa das Portas Velha hotel is an incredible well kept hotel in a buidling that dates back to the 18th Century. The hotel has used reconditioned doors from the area to decorate rooms, walls and the public areas. It is unique decor for a unique hotel. Situated in the heart of the historic centre, this is hotel that you should give much consideration to when arranging a visit to Salvador. Details & Reservations

                                                                                                Holiday Inn

Although the Holiday Inn is aimed primarily at business travellers, those wishing for more comforts and guaranteed standards may wish to consider this hotel. It has Fitness area, games room and a pool. It has good accessibility to the nearby beaches and tourist areas. Details & Reservations

                                                                                               Cacoon Lounge

This unusual 'spaceship' design Cocoon Lounge hotel offers guests a quirkier place to stay. It merges tradition with high tech features, with bamboo walling and projected lighting and hand selected pieces of appropriate furniture.Close to beaches and the airport, it offers a residents pool and a very good Italian restaurant. Details & Reservations


Tropical da Bahia

This hotel is in front of Campo Grande Square, in the heart of Salvador, close to downtown and near cultural and historical landmarks. It is close to theatres, museums and other historic buildings. Tropical da Bahia offers all the amenities and services required for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Four categories of rooms are available and other facilities include a pool area, game room, fitness centre, restaurant and meeting room. Details & Reservations

Pousada das Flores

The mansion built in 1740 now houses the Pousada das Flores. Adapted and renovated with charm and simplicity this Salvador hotel is located in the historic centre , close to Pelourinho.The wood floors, antique furnishings and the suites decorated with colonial styled beds provide a cosy atmosphere. Concerned with social responsibility? The Pousada das Flores supports projects that benefit the poor people in Salvador, employing low-income youth as interns. Details & Reservations

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